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The Recent and Future Trend Analysis of Inter-Seasonal to Seasonal Rainfall and Temperature to Climate Change and Variability in Dire Dawa City Administration, Ethiopia

Temesgen T, Alemu A

The trend analysis has been employed to inspect the change of rainfall and temperature in Dire Dawa city administration, using gauged monthly precipitation and temperature data ..Ver más»

Artículo de revisión

Ginseng Berry and its Biological Effects as a Natural Phytochemical

Juewon Kim, Si Young Cho, Su Hwan Kim, Sunmi Kim, Chan-Woong Park, Donghyun Cho, Dae Bang Seo and Song Seok Shin

A recent trial in the development of new medications and immune-modulatory agents is to search for candidates among natural products because they have relatively low toxicities ..Ver más»

Reporte de un caso

A Case Report of Hyaluronic Acid Filler Injection used for Localized Scleroderma with a Review of Fillers for Localized Scleroderma.

Jaishree Sharad

Localised scleroderma also known as Morphea is chronic inflammatory condition of the connective tissue, the aetiology of which is unknown. Skin hyperemia is seen in the early in..Ver más»

Artículo de investigación

Identification of human genes and its genomics functions via miRNAs of C. elegans on bioinformatics platforms

Shashi Prabha Agrawal, Mrityunjay Kumar Sinha and Rajnish Kumar

Very recently microRNAs (miRNAs) have emerged as an important elements of gene regulatory networks. In present study, we use Caenorhabditis elegans as a model for identification..Ver más»

Artículo de revisión

A Review on Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Maxillofacial Region

Karthikeyan I

Craniofacial region suffers from many defects due to carcinoma, trauma, iatrogenic. The treatment of facial region is compromised and complicated due to esthetics. Though surgic..Ver más»

Mini revisión

Natural Hazard Risks for farms

Ricardo Daniel

In recent years, technological innovation has resulted in larger and higher Wind Turbines (WTs) with increased power generating capacity. Natural hazard risk quantification may ..Ver más»